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Touch Football Training???

Hey,  Washup!  Yeah, you’re a Washup, but don’t be too quick to take offense to the name.  Think about what it means to be a Washup:  at some point in the past, you WERE an athlete, right?  It’s actually a compliment because I respect the athlete you used to be.
Now you’re a registered athlete in the SSM Touch Football league and I guarantee you don’t want to become a washup in this sport, so do something about it!  This summer you can train your body to last through the fall and as a bonus get leaner, healthier and do workouts you’ve never tried before.  Don’t you want to feel like an athlete again?

At Catalyst you can flip tires, drag chains, drop bumper plates and get your personal best recorded under our Washed Up Meat Head category!
So if you do have a workout routine, how is it going?  Are your workouts tracked online?  Do you have people yelling and cheering you to keep pushing?  Are you bored with your routine? And please don’t tell me the machines are actually working!
 Let’s talk functionality here, guys.  You catch a pass, are you going to sit in a chair and raise your legs up and down all the way to the end zone?  Probably not. But that’s what you’re training your body to do on a leg extension machine.  How about this guy: "I squatted 1000 lbs on the leg press machine."  Congratulations, Hercules, but you’re on your back and the only time you’re on your back in football is when someone stronger than you knocked you down.  That’s not functional!  So why partake? 
With a Coach, free weights can bring the athleticism you once had back to life.  You may never run a 4.5-second 40 yard dash again, but at least you won’t be drinking that beer after the game to numb the pain.  You’ll be drinking it because you’re actually going to be thirsty, from moving!! 
The league is getting younger and younger, and speed kills.  Experience has proven it: speed wins, but only if you guys can last a whole season. 
We play this game for fun.  You’re probably thinking, Well, (insert name here) sure doesn’t play for fun, but we certainly aren’t playing to get hurt. I’ve seen dislocated shoulders, torn ACL’s, pulled hamstrings, and the infamous ’sports hernia’ ruin seasons and even worse, their real life.
So lets get stronger, healthier and maybe faster, and the next time you play (insert team name here), you’ll surprise them with a little extra gitty up!  We’re not getting any younger and the longer we wait to do something about our health, the harder it’s going to be.
Coming soon in July, we will hold a Sault Ste Marie Touch Football-only workout time to give you guys a chance to play with the toys.  In the meantime, check out these sites for great articles and cool workout ideas.