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Hey Guys - Playoff weekend is here!
I’ve attached the playoff tournament tree - if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by end of day Thursday via email.  Please make sure all games start on time to avoid delays in starting the games that follow - it’s dark shortly after 5pm!  Please notify me if any games go into overtime so we can arrange to have lights if required.  The one instance there may be a delay some grace is giving time to the winner of game #B7 to get the field for game #B9 as that is the only instance where a team may have to play back to back games.
Also attached is the league rules, keep a copy handy at the field or on a smart phone for reference - especially in the event of overtime.   All regular season rules apply with the exception being in the two Divisional Championship Games - those games shall have 45-minute halves instead of the usual 30s.
If your team is eliminated and you have a chance, please email /text me a team photo of your squad after the game for the league website and facebook page.
Some good questions came up about punt-scenarios this year, and we agreed on the following to be consistent:
  1. Any time a punt strikes the uprights before coming into contact with a team member on the punt-return team - it is a touchback - NOT a rouge.  This includes any instance where the ball lands in the end-zone first and then somehow bounces into the post. 
  2. Should a punt strike a player on the punt-return team first, and then the uprights - the play is dead, and a rouge IS awarded to the kicking team regardless of where the punt-returner was at the time of contact with the ball. 
  3. If a team is attempting a "quick-kick" punt-return (where the punt return team catches the ball, and punts out of their end-zone to avoid giving up a point) - the ball must land in the field of play to give the originally kicking team an attempt to play the ball.  If the team "quick-kicks" the ball out of the end zone, and the ball flies out of bounds at the 20 yard line (as an example) - a point shall be awarded to the originally kicking team.   If the team "quick-kicks" the ball out of the end zone, the ball lands on the 10-yard line (as an example) and then travels out of bounds - the original kicking team gets back possession (if there are any plays left) at the point the ball went out of bounds.
  4. In order to attempt a valid "quick-kick" - a player must have possession of the ball.  A punt-return team may not kick a ball out of the end-zone that is bouncing free on the ground.  If a loose ball is kicked by the punt-return team before possession is gained, the play is dead and a rouge IS awarded to the original kicking team.
Have fun, and if all else fails - the two captains should meet away from  other players to resolve any disagreement - possibly playing the down over if agreement cannot be reached.  Remember, the NFL trade deadline has now passed, so the scouts are no longer in town.  :)
Take videos and pictures if you can for the League - a highlight video would be great to have - email me anything
Good luck, be safe, and see you on the field!

League Rules in PDF  -  Captains Contact List in PDF  -  Playoff Format in PDF