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Playoff Weekend is HERE!!!

Thanks for those who were able to make the meeting last night - some great discussion about points brought up / emailed in.  Quick highlights of the meeting / discussion for all:

Officials - no interest in even paid positions for playoff weekend from local referee’s association.

Rules - numerous rules / interpretations discussed - updated rules uploaded to league website Rules Page with new rules and clarifications included (and highlighted in the PDF) - please note there are new rules & changes added for playoff weekend!!!

No scheduled playoff party / festivities - funds for special events went to new field rental costs resulting in no increase in team registration fees.

Playoff Schedule - Download the Tournament Schedule & Structure.

Playoff Games - must start on time, NO 10-minute grace period for teams running late.  Quarterfinal / Semi-final games to be standard 30-minute halves - Championship games to be 45-minute halves.

League Executive - priority to be established in off season - Dave to step away from the majority of the duties of the League in light of this season’s events and recent developments.

If you have any questions - please email me and let me know.  Good luck this weekend and be safe! 

See you on the field!!!