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2013 Season Kickoff

Hey Guys - schedule is up online on the league website:

We are at 16 teams this year, welcome our new teams to the fold!!!
ROSTERS - must be submitted / signed to me (best via email) before your team takes the field - or you forfeit your game (if not rescheduled with the other team), and your team does not have permission to be on any fields secured by SSMTF permits.  Ineligible teams (no roster) or players result in forfeits - 3 forfeits means no eligibility for playoffs.
PAYMENTS - any outstanding payments pre-arranged with deposits received must be received by Friday, September 6th.
DIVISIONS - I've split the League into 2 divisions of 8 teams in each division for an initial round robin this season - each team will play everyone in their division once.  We'll closely observe the scores / standings / rosters before making the remainder of the schedule - but your first 7 games are set.  I've tried mixing game times to have some of the new teams play against / and before or after some of the experienced teams - veteran captains - please lend the new squads a hand if you see them struggling in a specific area.
RULES - I haven't had a chance to update the rules on the website, but will get to that when back in town next week.
FIELDS - Be aware of SSMTF's zero tolerance of beer on the fields - especially when forging new partnerships with ADSB and the City for the use of the new turf field and Rocky D.
Per the Captain's Meeting decision(s):
  1. Finalized an agreement with the School Board for the long term usage of the new turf field and I will do my best to balance the use of the field and ensure all teams get to use it at least once (yes I'm keeping of track of who / how many).  :)
  2. All games are going to be located at Superior Heights / Rocky DiPietro / Queen Elizabeth - B-Field barring bad field conditions / etc. where a re-schedule may have to be required.
  3. Rules shall be updated as discussed at the meeting - clarification on tip-rules, punt-blocks are not live and the ball is dead where the kicker was standing, "Steeler" rule is still in effect (3 permitted on the field at a time).
  4. Silver Bullets admitted to the league on a probationary status - any confirmed infractions of rules or player misconduct not immediately addressed by the Captain shall result in the team being removed from the league indefinitely.
If you have any questions / concerns - please email the league.