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2012 Playoff Weekend!!!

Well it’s finally that time of year once again, it’s PLAYOFF WEEKEND!!!  That means another novel of an email from ME!  :)
Congrats on a fun Regular Season that is almost complete.  Similar to the pre-season, we usually get together with all the captains / team reps for a quick meeting to go over any rule questions / interpretations / overtime format / etc.  Meeting attendance is not required if you are comfortable with your knowledge of the rules, and the changes in format for playoff weekend.  Thursday, 6PM @ Wacky Wings - Lake Street.
Playoff Weekend is a single-elimination tournament style format with 2 divisions.  The 2 divisions are split in 2012 based on a number of factors:  (1) Overall Standings;  (2) Rostered Players;  (3) Performance against teams in A and B Divisions respectively.
This Season, our "round robin" took us to the end of October, so we didn’t have time to set up any Divisional games, but I think for the most part seeing the variety of football teams that are out there  was good for both the new and veteran teams (I hope).  I spent a lot of time over the past week reviewing the standings, stats and observing teams in person to make sure we had the right guage of where teams should be set up in the Divisional split.  I spoke with a few captains in both "Divisions" to get their thoughts and input on this decision and I appreciate all their help!
We have the league split for the Playoff Weekend with 9 teams in A-Division, and 6 teams in B-Division. 
I will review all of this at the meeting, but here is the major changes from our standard rules:
Section #2
45-minute halves instead of 30 minute halves (3-minute rule still in effect at the end of each half)
Section #5
Player Conduct - everyone plays just a little harder on Playoff Weekend - this is expected - any players making flagrant physical contact can and will be ejected from the game.  Depending on the severity of the incident - the offending player will be invited to take up another fall sport next season and will not be welcome back for likely a long time.  We had an incident in a B-division semi-final and the A-division final last year that should have resulted in players being ejected and I fully expect it to NOT happen again this year. 
Captains - YOU are responsible for the conduct of your team - if one of your players is not acting in accordance with the rules, it is YOUR job to take that player in hand - and you can and will face the same severity of punishment as the offending player should you not take responsibility for your players’ conduct.
Section #10
Overtime - KNOW IT and better yet - have a copy with you at the games - some games WILL go into OT
Section #11
There is NO grace period for teams being late.  There is 100 minutes of football including a 10-minute halftime - there are games after you, and games that may be go into OT - so start on time!
Okay - that being said - back to the Tournament:
The tournament format favours the higher "seeded" teams in the regard of either getting a bye, and/or playing the lower seeded teams throughout the tournament.  As you will see - the tournament has brackets, but these brackets are just a guideline and more to show teams where the next game will be played - the top seed will always face the lowest remaining seed throughout the tournament (1 vs. 8; 2 vs. 7; 3 vs.6; etc.).  If the #1 seed is eliminated at any point, the next highest seeded team remaining would obviously now have the advantage of facing the lowest seed remaining.  This being said - immediately after your game, you must text your score and details to me so I can tabulate them and see where you will play next (you may be on a totally different field for your next game).  It is important to do this right away as my game will likely be starting shortly after yours if I am not currently on the field at the time.  My Cell:  705-971-8802.  Text your score something like this:  Orient Express WINS vs. Brava Bucs. If all winning teams do this - I should be able to respond with your next game location within a few minutes.
Year End "Party" - DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED - Tentatively November 24th - Stay tuned!!
NOTE:  The B-Division Bracket is tentative as the standings may change due to a makeup game being played between Inappropriate Touch vs. The Bombers right after the meeting.  I think we should all go and heckle........I mean cheer for the teams after the meeting.  :)  No disrespect is intended to "I-Touch" in the makeup of the schedule - just made it based on current standings - would love to see you guys upset the perfect season for The Bombers (love you Mike) and bump yourselves up a seed in the playoff tree!  :)
If you have any questions leading up to the meeting - please feel free to contact me.
Many Thanks!
Dave Pitcher
Sault Ste. Marie Touch Football
See You On The Field!