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2012 Friends & Family Day!

The 2nd Annual Friends & Family Day is upon us and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there this year.

Moving the event from last year’s Thanksgiving Weekend, we’re hoping for some good weather, good football, good food, and some good laughs.

If teams are planning to attend, they must RSVP by 4pm on Friday, September 28th to ensure proper food can be purchased for the event. 

Burgers / Sausages / Dogs on the BBQ cooked by none other than the reigning A-Division champs (may as well make them work right?).

Bring your kids / wives / girlfriends out for a fun day after our games, perhaps an exhibition of skill and fun will be in order for the afternoon.

Ever wonder who the fastest guy in the leauge is?  Who has the longest kicks?  Who has the deepest throwing arm?  We just may find out on the weekend!

Hope to see you at the field!!

September 30, 2012
11am -2:30pm
Sir James Dunn Football Field