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Playoff Day is Here!!!

Guys – for tomorrow:
  1. Bring bags / shirts / cones if you have them to help mark sidelines and end-zones before the games as all the fields are pretty sketchy for lines.
  2. Bring a stopwatch for the sideline – preferably a bystander to keep time.
  3. Keep time on the field – only 60 seconds per play.
  4. NOSSA is at Rocky DiPietro – if you’re bringing beverages, please keep in mind the security / police / youth presence around those fields.
  5. Bring a copy of the rules (unless you know them by heart – hahaha!).


Rum Runners vs. Joey Calzone’s – KORAH – Everyone come and watch!!  J


SC Cougars vs. Winner (RRunners / Joey’s) – KORAH

K-Crew Chargers vs. Millenium Crane – BAWATING

Brava Bucs vs. Brody’s Bombers – QE – B-Field

Brew Dawgs vs. The Boyz – SJD


Orient Express vs. 2nd Lowest Remaining Seed – KORAH

Ultimate Crossovers vs. Bottom Remaining Seed – BAWATING

Boston Pizza vs. Bottom Remaining Seed – QE – B-Field

Silver Bullets vs. 2nd Lowest Remaining Seed - SJD

2:00PM – B-Division Championship – QE-B-Field

3:30PM – A-Division Championship – QE-B-Field

7:30 PM – Year-End Party / Awards – Joey Calzone’s