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We are glad to welcome a couple of new teams to the fold and hope they enjoy their first season in the league as a team while some of the players have participated in the league will no doubt assist the new squads in getting settled in.

Welcome to:  Redneck Saloon Rampage, Smashing Renegades, Pickler’s Punters, and Sports Gold - new in 2015!

We are looking at starting the 2015 campaign with 18 teams - tied for the highest in the last 20 years!
  1. McDougall Energy Bombers (Spenco Eskimos)
  2. Brava Bucs (Gerri’s Furniture / Swiss Chalet)
  3. Little Ceasar’s (Millenium Crane)
  4. Staite Builders Bucs
  5. The Harp’s Most Wanted
  6. The Wheelers (VW Wheelers) - View Team Page
  7. Superheroes in Training (Multiple Scoregasms / Twisted Tornados)
  8. The Hurricanes (The U)
  9. The Chargers (KC Chargers) - View Team Page
  10. Superior North Plumbing (The Benchwarmers)
  11. Gibson’s Finest (The Wash Ups / The Boyz)
  12. Lock City Hitmen (Runway Park)
  13. Cheeseburger Eddie’s (Rum Runners)
  14. Redneck Saloon Rampage
  15. Smashing Renegades
  16. Esquire Eskimos
  17. Sports Gold
  18. Pickler’s Punters
If you are interested in entering a team, or joining a team next season, contact the league for more information.

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